Friday, March 28, 2014

Forcing Spring

If spring is dragging its feet, maybe we can force it along?

U.S. Coast Guard cutters went up the Kennebec today. The earth shook, a distant rumbling got louder, the cats and I exchanged questioning looks, and then deep horns blasted. Since nothing else is out on the river this time of year, and no one could be close by and miss the thunderous noise, why blast horns? Maybe for the benefit of all the cars chasing the cutters on shore. (Yes, every year dozens of cars go by my house, following along with the cutters' progress.) I appreciated the notice; it gave me time to get positioned with my camera.

Before the cutters went by, the river looked as it has all winter--covered by ice.

Then, two cutters churned through, side by side.

They were quickly followed by a solo cutter.

And then a cutter went by in the other direction.

Hours later, another pass.

After all was said and done, the river hardly looked different--still covered by ice.

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