Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Leadership Update

Since I mentioned that we were having a bit of a leadership crisis, I figured I should post an update... I don't want to focus on negative things and detract from my trip. Neither do I want to post specifics about other people in my blog. Therefore, I will be brief. 

No leader has yet left our trip. Basically, our two leaders have very different approaches and styles. Neither has led this trip before, and they haven't worked together before. Another rider has likened it to a "shotgun marriage." After the first few fights, we asked that they do their bickering and issue resolution out of earshot. I have simply walked away from a few negative scenes; I'm determined not to let it affect me. 

The good news is that this group of riders seems great. Of course, there are quirks, but everyone is pulling their own weight and doing group chores. I think this trip will be what we make of it, regardless of the leadership issues. 

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