Monday, April 14, 2014

Shake Down and Start (Day 2)

Change of plan--right off the bat! Just gotta go with what conditions demand. The plan had been to do a shake-down ride today, stay in this same inn tonight, and start the route tomorrow. However, recent heavy rains have flooded our first two campgrounds. The group weighed our options and decided to start the ride today with a 20-mile ride to a campground with some dry sites. Tomorrow, we will ride 64 miles to a campground that is 15 miles off route, but is dry. We lucked out this morning with sun because last night the forecast was for severe thunder showers the entire day. 

Our group numbers 13 right now with the leaders (there were a couple of last-minute additions); we will end up being 14 when another person joins us in about a week. States represented by our small group include Alaska, Colorado, California, Oregon, Georgia, Ohio, South Carolina, New York, and Maine. 


  1. Beautiful pictures of the wonderful sights you have enjoyed so far...we are living vicariously through you and loving it. Take care

  2. Hi Anon,
    My family is not large enough to account for all the hits my blog is getting, so I guess you are not alone in following along. Enjoy! Happy to have you visit. I hope to post tonight; I'm running behind!