Thursday, April 3, 2014

Tent Practice

I have been telling myself for weeks to practice setting up the tent I will use on the bike trip. Today turned out to be the day. In the photo below is the tent (on the left--it is very small and lightweight, even though it's a two-person tent) and the ground cloth (made out of Typar--a custom-made gift from my son).

See my helper? Even though I thought I was being vigilant in keeping Bear away from the tent, he still managed to put a small hole in the tent screen before I was done. Aargh!

3 Especially "Helpful Hints for Tent Set Up"--from the tent's set up instructions:

  • Our tents are easy to set up but we suggest you practice once at home before using them for the first time to avoid late night bickering with tent mates while fumbling around in the dark.
  • Big Agnes tents are all freestanding, but we recommend staking them out to increase space and keep your tent from becoming a tumbleweed.
  • Hang onto your stuff sacks or they'll blow away and create backcountry litter.

I didn't actually stake out the tent, but I set it up enough to determine that: 1) it is easy to set up compared to other tents I have owned, and 2) it came short one stake, even though it is brand new. This is good to know, but not a problem, since I was planning all along to add some great titanium stakes I own to the tent bag anyway.

By the time I had the tent all rolled and packed up again, all three cats were in attendance. Yes, three cats. Bear, George, and the mystery cat my brother has dubbed "Clueless." I haven't been friendly with Clueless, even though he has tried hard to snuggle up; I don't want him to think we will adopt him. He doesn't look like he's homeless, but he is hanging out here like he is. Can you find all three cats in the photo below?

And the ducks are returning to the river now that the water is open and flowing!

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