Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring Riding

Up until the end of last week, I was riding my fat bike five days a week (in addition to working out at the gym six days a week). Unfortunately, my longest ride was an hour and a half; it stayed consistently cold, and my frozen feet just couldn't tolerate riding longer than that. I didn't ride last weekend due to pouring rain and muddy roads. Finally, this week we have warmer (great road biking) weather! I have shipped my road bike to Mobile, though, so I'm still riding my fat bike. Today I rode 22 miles before I had to stop. What made me stop--my cold feet, my aching butt, my creaking knees? No, no, no. It was my sore, nerve-racked hands. If the snow/sleet/rain tonight and tomorrow keeps me from riding tomorrow, I think I will see if I can install the 29er wheels (narrower than the fat tires, more like mountain-bike tires) on the fat bike, which I hope will allow me to do longer rides next week.

Here are views from my ride today:

This next one is for you, Janet. I think of you and your dad every time I see a contrail.

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