Friday, April 25, 2014

On to Tennessee!

Today I cycled 68 miles (with around 3,000 feet of climbing), but it should have been 55-59. Two of us took a wrong turn at the end of the day, ended up cycling part of tomorrow's route, and had to backtrack. Not fun, but it makes a good story, and us two bozos get to rib each other mercilessly. 6.5 hours on the road. 

Photos from along the way:

When I see cute, tiny abandoned places like this, I wonder who once lived there, and I fantasize about fixing the place up. 

No photo of crossing into Tennessee; there was no sign, just a change in the road surface. 

Steeper hills today; check it out:

And tons of dogs! I had to get off my bike twice to walk by nasty dogs. Also, a number of the dogs today were stealthy attackers. They would silently race toward me through soft grass just out of my peripheral vision and be upon my heels before I caught on. 

At the end of our ride today, I rode through Shiloh National Military Park. This is such an impressive and extensive memorial park! It encompasses many acres, and there are dozens (hundreds?) of plaques and memorials--many of them in the precise locations where different brigades were stationed or fought. It was here that the Confederates launched a preemptive strike against Union forces that were amassing for their strike on Corinth. Although there was a bloodbath here (23,746 killed, wounded, or missing), there was no decisive outcome. The place leaves a sobering impression of the scale of the battle and the numbers of soldiers involved. 

Instead of cooking tonight, we ate out at a locally famous place called Hagy's Catfish Hotel. I ate catfish for the first time; yummy!

Tonight we're camping in Shiloh Battlefield Campground with about 100 very LOUD Cub Scouts. It's definitely an earplug night!


  1. Great pics, Jan. Good luck on those hills.

  2. Thank you, Steve, for your wonderful comments! Nice to know you're following along!