Thursday, May 15, 2014

Front Page News

On May 14, the Madison Press put a picture of some of us on the front cover. 

Cyclists Ride Underground Railroad

Caption: "An Adventure Cycling group of bicyclists stopped in London for the night on Tuesday, May 13. They have been riding the path runaway slaves took in the 1860s called the Underground Railroad. They will cover the 1,800-mile trip in 41 days. The cyclists said they have enjoyed the Ohio bike trails, which were described as "to die for." In addition to the cycling, they're enjoying the historical aspect of the tour. From left: Bob Lawrence, Sandusky, Ohio; Jan Brackett, Gardiner, Maine; Monica Jenicek, Nora Shew, Frederic Wilson, all of Anchorage, Alaska; Ron Smoak, Spartanburg, S.C.; and Tony Rock, Brooklyn, N.Y."


  1. Whoa--up there with the football team!

  2. True! I guess I can get a swelled head for making it in the paper just below the football news.

    Glad to see you're following along.


  3. Then again, maybe the swelled head could compensate for the head shrinkage! :-). (See earlier post "I
    Think My Head is Getting Smaller.")

  4. Hah! Nice that this newspaper identifies some of your fellow travelers. Was the guy who got hurt and had to go home the one from Danville?

  5. No, thankfully, because he got hurt on a ride last year. The guy who got hurt is from Colorado.