Tuesday, May 13, 2014

To London, Ohio

Today I cycled 43.4 miles with only 876 feet of climbing. 4.5 hours on the road. 

We rode on two trails today--the Little Miami Scenic Trail and the Prairie Grass Trail (also known as the Ohio to Erie Trail).

The day began with views similar to yesterday. 


Pretty soon, there was less water near the trail, more wide open pastures, and less shade. 

We went through a few small towns, like South Charleston. 

This is Nora showing off her strength outside the ice cream shop. 

If you zoom in on this next photo, you will see Ron and Zoe on their tandem up ahead of me on the trail. 

We are staying at the Senior Center in London, Ohio, tonight. Camping is not usually allowed here, but a number of local people, active with the trail system, made arrangements for us to stay here. We were greeted by a number of locals when we got here, and had our picture taken for the local paper. I spent quite a while talking with a gentleman who has a lot invested in the revitalization of London, and sees the bike trail as a vital part of that process. 

We made a last-minute decision to eat at a local church dinner tonight. Word has already spread; locals are sharing that they've heard we ate at the church dinner. Ah, small towns!

After supper, we were given a presentation by Frank Slagle. His great grandfather was a local abolitionist who hid fugitive slaves in his woolen mill. 

Frank also collects antique bicycles. He brought this Velocipede or Boneshaker for us to see:

Today's route, part 1. The little detour at roughly mile 16, was where I went to see an UGRR exhibit at the Wilberforce University library; the library was closed. I also went to the National Afro-American Museum and Cultural Center; it was also closed. 

Part 2:

Part 3:

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