Saturday, May 10, 2014

To Milford, Ohio (Day 28):

I cycled 59.4 miles today, with 1,821 feet of climbing. 5.5 hours on the road. 

We began cycling in the rain today. Water was pouring off my front tire into my shoes, and my glasses were both fogged over and rain- spotted. It was humid, so I was wet on the inside of my jacket from sweat. I was one of the last to get out on the road because I had cooking duty this morning. (The cooks have to make sure all breakfast and lunch stuff, plus all group gear, is packed up before they may start the day's ride.) All in all, I figured it might be a fine misery of a day. 

Surprise, surprise! I had a super day! Typically, the first pains stab through my right big toe about 15 miles into the route, and becomes burning feet further into the ride. I spend the rest of the ride trying to minimize and cope with the pain. (I stop and massage my feet, and I play games like "cycle only on the up stroke" to minimize the pressure.) This "hot foot" problem is definitely a nerve problem, but it is also exacerbated by heat. 

Today, my feet were soaking wet. They had also had yesterday almost completely off the bike. I had no hot foot problem today! This makes me think that, when the problem recurs, perhaps I will pour water into my shoes. 

I was enjoying riding so much today, I barely stopped (once to eat a snack, and once to buy a drink and eat lunch); therefore, fewer pictures today. 

Here's a house that caught my eye (due to the fancy filigree) in Ripley:

Many stream and creek crossings today:

Today's route, part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

We're staying in a swank hotel in Milford tonight. I'm ecstatic because I have a whole suite to myself. (My usual roommate, the female leader, is sharing a room with her daughter who has joined us for a day to celebrate Mother's Day.) Also, my laundry is finishing up as I write this. What more could I ask for?

Tomorrow is another layover day. We will use the van to shuttle into Cincinnati to take a tour of the Freedom Center and see a baseball game. 

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