Saturday, May 3, 2014

Into Indiana!

Today I cycled 67 miles--saving myself 5-6 miles and one steep climb by purposely taking a small shortcut. I have reached the conclusion that I am not a 70-plus-mile-a-day rider. Once the mileage gets up that high, my feet, hands, and butt are all on fire and I'm miserable. I get the mileage done, and I'm not the last one into camp, but I'm not having fun anymore. I don't know how much I climbed today (because my phone app was not working) but it was significant. Lots of steep hills. Only a few dog encounters. 

We crossed into Indiana today and are camped at Grand Trails RV Park in Corydon, IN. 

Right after this view, two white-tailed deer soared over the guard rail and ran across the road in front of me. Two minutes later, I almost creamed a woodchuck who ran out in front of me. Then, in quick succession, two squirrels made BSDs (bad squirrel decisions), darting back and forth in front of me, risking my life and theirs. 

Shortly thereafter, while flying down a steep hill, my bike pump flew off my bike! (Never had that happen before.) I had to turn around and climb the steep hill, until I found my pump. At least I found it before someone ran over it. 

Up the Ohio River in Cloverport:

Down the Ohio River from Cloverport:

If you look closely at this next photo, zoomed in, you will see cows silhouetted against the sky on the right. 

In case you think I'm writing this blog but not actually cycling, here is a shot of me:

I was able to do laundry tonight, we ate dinner out at a restaurant to celebrate reaching the halfway point of our trip, and we have only 47 miles planned for tomorrow. I am content. 


  1. Half way? And only 47 miles tomorrow? In my serious days of biking *mumble* years ago,I only did 12 miles daily there and back again. And my iron man friend whose phone app pastes to my FaceBook page from time to time has never gone over 15 in a ride. I'm in awe of the mileage you're doing.

  2. That's pretty countryside. Congratulations on the midway milestone.

  3. Hi DWR! What I've learned is that you can bike a lot of miles if that is what you're doing all day every day. If I can do it, most anyone can. Glad you're following along! Jan