Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Three States & Wine Country (Day 38)

I cycled 71.4 miles today, with 1,667 feet of climbing. 6.75 hours on the road.

The day started a little warmer than yesterday (at least there wasn't ice on everything), but we knew rain was on its way and we had a lot of miles to go--so I tried to keep booking along. 

Views of Lake Erie the whole way.

We did not see any specific examples, but we heard stories that there are homes in Conneaut (pronounced con-oh-it) that have tunnels out of their basements--that lead to the lake or to other homes. Escaping slaves had a lake crossing as their final step on the road to freedom in Canada. As I rode along the lake today, I thought about the courage and fortitude it took to flee to Canada. Lake Erie looks like an ocean. I would think that any escaped slave who had crossed the Atlantic in the hold of a ship would panic at the thought of crossing this lake and at the thought of placing their trust and lives in the hands of others to do the crossing. 

I began the day in Ohio, then crossed into Pennsylvania. 

I did not know until today that there is Lake Erie Wine Country. 

Even though Pennsylvania is a large state, we left it and crossed into New York at the end of our ride today. :-)
It's all in where you cross, I guess.

We are camping at Lakeside Campground just over the Pennsylvania/New York border tonight. 

[photo credit: Barb Wade]

This campground is right on Lake Erie. I briefly considered going for a swim, but nixed that idea pretty quick. It's a good thing, too; it's raining now and the temperature has plummeted. 

Today's route, part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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