Thursday, May 15, 2014

May 15 (Day 33): Rain! Rain! Rain!

It rained all last night as we stayed dry in the campground pavillion. Since it looked like it was going to be a wet day, our new leader suggested we modify the prescribed route to take advantage of a 5.5 mile bike trail and then stay in a Super 8 Motel for the night. No argument from us!

As I rode today, the weather cycled from drizzle to rain to monsoon, over and over. I don't think I have ever ridden through so much rain before. I was soaked through and through. Started getting cold, too; temps in the low 50s today. One of the heaviest downpours occurred when I was on the bike trail. I guess that was a good thing; I could not see (between the water running through my eyes and the fog and spots on my glasses), and I doubt cars would have seen me easily if I had been on the road. 

I cycled 39.2 miles today, with 1,299 feet of climbing. 3.75 hours on the road. (I was making a beeline for the hot shower; I barely stopped.)

Today's route, part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

It sure felt good to get warm and dry in the motel. 

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